Oxford County`s Plan to realize 100% Renewable Energy by 2050


dENet, Exkursion Wolfhagen

“How do we get to 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 in the County of Oxford? One of the strategies is to look beyond our borders.” This is why Jay Heaman, Manager of Strategic Initiatives and David Mayberry, Warden of Oxford County travelled to Germany to learn what people from around the world have accomplished. After visiting Rhein-Hunsrueck District, Frankfurt, Wolfhagen and attending the Kassel International Dialogue, Oxford County`s political decision makers laid out a framework for Oxford to become a “100% RE” community. It outlines how community, business, government, academic, national and international partners can work together while the fully developed plan, to be presented in fall this year, will also include specific targets, milestones and actions. …continue reading →

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Can we make national and local governments work better together?

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Imagine a room packed with more than 1000 mayors from all parts of the world. Add different civil society representatives, stakeholders from the private sector as well as legislators from regional and national governments. Now picture them discussing on round tables how their cities could become more sustainable. Imagine then a concluding session in the plenary where all findings would be boiled down to five key recommendations. What’s the result? Well, “building political will” is definitely among these five key findings. Why am I so sure? Because I experienced these sessions literally a hundred times.

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Brexit referendum: an opportunity for EU energy policy reform?

Update, 06/30/2016: The unthinkable has become reality. Apparently not even the Leave campaigners believed that they would carry away victory in the referendum, confirming our suspicions that the Brexiters could not provide credible alternatives. On the first day after the referendum, leading lights of the Brexit campaign already evaded their responsibilities and withdrew central promises that misled millions of citizens.

In terms of energy policy, the effects on the EU and the UK still remain uncertain and major changes cannot be expected in the near future, since negotiating the Brexit will be time consuming and results difficult to predict. In fact, it is not even clear if the UK issues a declaration under Article 50 to leave the EU. It also remains unclear whether in case of leaving the UK would also leave the EU Energy Market, a step with potentially grave consequences in terms of energy prices and energy security.

It seems the Brexit referendum’s decision leaves no winners after all. Time, money and efforts that have to be spend on negotiating the UK leaving the EU are severely stalling the important and urgently needed EU reform as well as decisions that would accelerate an extensive expansion of renewable energies across all EU Member States in order to effectively tackle climate change.

Article posted 15/05/2016:

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