Morocco: The new renewable energy superpower IF….

Morocco is making headlines to become the renewable energy superpower with the world’s biggest concentrated solar plant in Ouarzazate. And indeed, it is not only this project suggesting Morocco is the new pioneer on RE: King Mohammed VI called on the Ministry of Energy to formulate a roadmap within the next month to increase the growth of the renewable energy sector and to reinforce synergies among stakeholders. In September, the Moroccan Governing Council approved two amendments of bills which are key for renewable energy development in the country: bill number 48-15, regulating the electricity sector in the country, and bill number 58-15, which complements the renewable energy law 13-09. Both amendments can been seen as a move to show the government’s commitment and substantial efforts in the promotion and liberalisation of the renewable energy sector.

So, has Morocco actually found the answer to meet the country’s growing energy demand, increase independency from energy imports, decarbonise its energy system and achieve development at the same time?

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Renewable energy: untapped fuel for Mediterranean economies

RE-solutions-for-MediterraneanDespite the fact that in the sunniest region of Europe there is a vast potential of energy from the sun (and wind), renewable energy is a resource that is being ignored. In a time when Southern European countries are struggling with debt and stagnating economies, clean renewable energy solutions can be a smart way to go. Expert studies commissioned by Greenpeace Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain show how the Southern European governments can boost their economies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate their energy transition by enabling massive small-scale investments into renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions. …continue reading →

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Habitat III and the New Urban Agenda: a final call for cities


After the approval of the “urban SDG” just two weeks ago in New York, another decisive call for the mobilization of cities is looming. At the UN Habitat III Conference in Quito next year, member states will have to agree on a New Urban Agenda that will define how urbanization should unfold in the next 20 years. But how do we make sure that not only national governments but cities and local stakeholders are actually included in this process?

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