World Wind Energy Conference & Renewable Energy Exhibition

03 Jul - 05 Jul

The World Future Council is delighted to be an official partner of the 11th World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (WWEC2012) in Bonn, Germany, and will host a workshop on feed-in tariffs. Jakob von Uexkull (Founder, World Future Council) will speak on “Mainstreaming Community Power: Strategies and Policies” and the World Future Council will host a workshop on “FiT 2.0: The Way Forward” at which Stefan Schurig (Director Climate and Energy, World Future Council) will also speak.

Community Power – Citizens’ Power

200 speakers from all over the world, all leading experts in their fields, will discuss wind energy utilisation, turbine technologies, and renewable energies in general in 40 sessions.

The main focus is on ‘Community Power – Citizens’ Power’:  decentralised ownership of renewable energy projects by local citizens and communities. Next to many sessions presenting community power best practice examples and favorable policies, there will be technical sessions and sessions about economic aspects of wind power.

Alongside the World Future Council will be other leading international organisations such as IRENA, Deutsche Welle, WCRE, Eurosolar, ISEP Japan, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation, OSEA, and Windustry.

The three-day program will focus on ownership and business models, policy, financing, local and regional renewable energy integration, technology, governance and capacity building. The meeting will provide opportunities to present and discuss research results which will be supported by various panels and several keynote speeches with special emphasis on public dialogue. A trade show exhibition will showcase new technologies, suppliers and manufacturers in the renewable energy sector.

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