Pathways To 100% Renewable Energy

16 Apr

The event aims to foster a global dialogue about how cities, regions, and businesses worldwide can accomplish – and indeed are accomplishing, even surpassing – 100% renewable energy targets in all sectors.

The World Future Council is delighted to be a partner at this conference. Stefan Schurig, Director Climate Energy will be one of the speakers in this high-level event.

It is a fact that traditional fossil fuels, by definition, will run out and that they are causing multiple time-sensitive global crises. Therefore, the time is now for all of us and for our communities to understand how to technically, financially, and politically switch to renewable resources. Millions of people on the local, regional, and national levels are stepping into a new 100% renewable reality. And this is just the beginning. This conference will provide a unique forum for such pioneers to join leaders from the policy sector, industry, finance, education, and advocacy, to share best practices and build strength.

You will find more information about the program, speakers, partners and supporter on the conference website.

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