Renewable energy: untapped fuel for Mediterranean economies

RE-solutions-for-MediterraneanDespite the fact that in the sunniest region of Europe there is a vast potential of energy from the sun (and wind), renewable energy is a resource that is being ignored. In a time when Southern European countries are struggling with debt and stagnating economies, clean renewable energy solutions can be a smart way to go. Expert studies commissioned by Greenpeace Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain show how the Southern European governments can boost their economies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate their energy transition by enabling massive small-scale investments into renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions. [Read more →]

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How can renewable energy help achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?


Sustainable development is an approach to development that takes the finite resources of the Earth into consideration and hereby respects the planetary boundaries. This week in New York, governments gather at the UN General Assembly to present 17 goals which should guide the right pathway to sustainable development. The so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) have been developed in a three-year process by national governments building on the expertise of international organizations and civil society groups.

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Creating 100% renewable energy laws that are difficult to repeal


A little over two years ago, 10 international organisations had an ambitious idea. Building on the successes of 100% renewable energy regions and towns, they would take the concept to the world and promote the idea to a global audience. Looking at Germany, the Energiewende had become mainstream and had brought energy independence to millions of citizens through cooperatives, and small-scale renewable energy projects. The goal of the Global 100% RE campaign has been to mainstream this movement in other countries, and within a couple of years, the it had met many of its goals, with articles on 100% RE regions and cities popping up in major publications such as The Guardian and Cleantechnica. Governments across the world were taking notice; a movement had been born.

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