Hope for Future Generations after Climate Summit

People`s Climate March in New York, Copy Right: World Future Council

People`s Climate March in New York, Copy Right: World Future Council

We said it takes everyone to change everything. And everyone showed up. Last weekend, about 700,000 people from across the globe marched for climate action. We said climate action is a matter of political will. And more than 120 world leaders came to prove their commitment and show leadership. We said we need action, not words. And governments from around the world made their pledges, acknowledging their responsibility and the urgency to act.

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A phoenix from the ashes: Fukushima sets sail for a nuclear-free and 100% renewable future

Geiger meter in Minamisona

Solar powered Geiger meter in Minamisona, Japan

On the eve of the third anniversary of Japan’s triple disaster of March 2011 – the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear meltdown – people in Fukushima are setting sail towards a nuclear-free future. At the beginning of February, one of Japan’s most important renewable energy events, the 3rd Community Power Conference took place in Fukushima, some 60 km away from the Daiichi nuclear power plant. Fukushima Prefecture and its 2 million inhabitants has committed to a 100% renewable energy target and is just in the process of formulating the implementation roadmap towards this goal. Personally speaking, visiting Fukushima was one of most impressive experiences I have had in recent years. [Read more →]

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