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Financing sustainable development

Since the Rio Summit of 1992 the imperative of sustainable development has become widespread. Twenty years later, significant progress has been made in only four of the 90 environmental goals, and progress in the most important goals agreed to at Rio, including on climate change, desertification and drought, is slow if not completely absent. We are facing an ongoing climate crisis and the non-attainability of the Millennium Development Goals. Despite having internationally agreed-to goals, the world is still on an unsustainable path. The main solution to this? Fully utilising the potentials of finance.

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Rethinking environmental protection: IMF Special Drawing Rights could finance the energy transition

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The threat posed by climate change is increasing and it is high time the world switched to renewable energies. But politics has not yet succeeded in investing sufficient funds quickly. There is an alternative though: create new money to spend on climate projects.

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