The fossil-free future requires fundamental choices

One of the most pressing challenges humanity faces today is the conversion of our energy production and supply industry towards a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient system. The world’s leading scientists have issued a mandate that this transition is the prerequisite for achieving the internationally agreed two-degree target. If human beings are to preserve modernity and planetary habitability, we must soon shift to 100% renewable energy in all sectors.  We cannot expect this to happen on its own as an automatic continuation of current trends but rather make a conscious switch to the only path that allows for a future viable for human life. [Read more →]

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Renewable energy: Our fundamental choice today

The future of renewable energies is a fundamental choice, not a foregone conclusion of technological and economic trends.

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This is one of the key messages of the Global Futures Report that REN21 launched in Abu Dhabi at the World Future Energy Summit. But the key question remains: Are we managing to make the right choice in time?

Along with 30,000 energy experts, the World Future Council and I start 2013 in Abu Dhabi at the first Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. While I am discussing the future of our energy system with representatives from governments, regulators, the private sector, international organisations and civil society, daily news remind and warn me of the huge challenges we are facing. [Read more →]

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100% Renewable Energy – The Only Way Forward

The world’s leading scientists have issued a mandate that we must change our energy system to a sustainable one based on conservation, efficiency and renewable energy in the near future or risk losing planetary habitability. The energy transition is not a lifestyle choice; it is an essential way to combat climate change and save our planet. Fukushima and BP’s Deepwater Horizon catastrophe are only the most recent reminders of the hazards of our current energy system. Energy infrastructure is outdated and much of the world’s power generation capacity is nearing the end of its life. Major investment decisions to modernize the world’s energy system are unavoidable. Now is the time for the energy transformation.

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