How can renewable energy help achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?


Sustainable development is an approach to development that takes the finite resources of the Earth into consideration and hereby respects the planetary boundaries. This week in New York, governments gather at the UN General Assembly to present 17 goals which should guide the right pathway to sustainable development. The so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) have been developed in a three-year process by national governments building on the expertise of international organizations and civil society groups.

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The Hummingbird and the Climate Summit


Wangari Mathaai © Green Belt Movement

Wangari Maathai, the Kenyan environmentalist and 2004 Nobel Peace Laureate, was fond of recounting a children’s story she’d been told on a visit to Japan. A huge fire breaks out in the forest, runs the tale. The animals are transfixed and overwhelmed by the conflagration. All of them but a hummingbird, who resolves to do something. She flies to the nearest stream, dips her beak into it, and drops a bead of water onto the flames. The elephant, the lion, the giraffe, and the other animals laugh at her, as she flies back and forth over and over again. “You’re just a tiny hummingbird,” they jeer. “What difference do you think you can make?” The hummingbird replies: “I’m doing the best I can.”

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Oceans and climate change

How a small island state is taking the lead in ocean and island conservation


Much attention has been focused on the impacts of climate change on water, forests and society as a whole. But what about our oceans?  For decades, oceans have been fundamentally threatened by the effects of climate change, absorbing carbon dioxide dumped into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. Rising sea-levels, acidification and changes in temperatures continue to threaten coastal and marine ecosystems, as they will seriously alter coastal development and marine activities. [Read more →]

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