We heart ownership

Matt Mellen, Campaign Director of Trillion Fund, explains how community ownership of renewable energy projects allows people to consolidate their position, get a better deal and build up resilience to future shocks.

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Contemporary capitalism has resulted in a concentration of wealth and power at the top of multi-national corporations and in the hands of a few ultra-influential individuals. Today, decisions about the fundamentals of how we live, eat and power our homes are often made in boardrooms many miles from where we live – quite possibly in another country.   [Read more →]

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Room for growth? Regenerative development in the Gulf

Qatar has the highest per capita CO₂ emissions in the world and 7 planets would be needed if everyone lived like an average citizen of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). With these opening remarks we kicked off the side event of the HafenCity University, World Wildlife Fund and World Future Council in at the UNFCCC COP18 in Doha. The ingredients for a fruitful discussion on the future of resilient and regenerative Gulf States were already there.

All the panellists agreed that water will be the main challenge for Gulf States as sea levels rise and the availability of fresh water is likely to decrease in the future. Since most Gulf cities sit on the coastline, a sea level rise of just 1 metre will directly impact 41,500 km² of land and 37 million people, while a sea level rise of 5 metres would impact 113,000 km² in the GCC.  [Read more →]

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Communications flop at COP18: from > 2°C to <2°C

The big challenge of this year’s UN Climate Change Conference COP18 hosted by the Qatari government is to agree on a pathway to drastically reduces global emissions and ensure that global warming stays well below 2 degrees Celsius.

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