How to spend $100 billion effectively?

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Developing countries are most vulnerable to the devastating impacts of climate change. It is therefore of utmost importance to empower these countries to cope with the loss and damage already happening as a consequence of climate change. However, next to these necessary adaptation measures it is also important to mention, that the Global South can accelerate the economic development along a green trajectory while reducing poverty through the development of renewable energies. This has to be taken into account when discussing the design of newly emerging international funding mechanisms such as the Green Climate Fund (GCF) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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Room for growth? Regenerative development in the Gulf

Qatar has the highest per capita CO₂ emissions in the world and 7 planets would be needed if everyone lived like an average citizen of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). With these opening remarks we kicked off the side event of the HafenCity University, World Wildlife Fund and World Future Council in at the UNFCCC COP18 in Doha. The ingredients for a fruitful discussion on the future of resilient and regenerative Gulf States were already there.

All the panellists agreed that water will be the main challenge for Gulf States as sea levels rise and the availability of fresh water is likely to decrease in the future. Since most Gulf cities sit on the coastline, a sea level rise of just 1 metre will directly impact 41,500 km² of land and 37 million people, while a sea level rise of 5 metres would impact 113,000 km² in the GCC.  [Read more →]

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We must create new money to save the climate: interview

From Qatar: COP18 UN Climate Change Conference 2012

Jakob Von Uexkull, Founder of the World Future Council and Right Livelihood Award, talks about the need to create new money to save the climate. It is absurd that we are about the destabilise the climate because we claim there is no money when there are actually means of creating new money. He describes an ‘economic witch doctor’ that is able to find huge sums of money to stablise the banks and says all that is needed is for the climate lobby to be as big as the bank lobby and to demand new money to be created. This would have a win-win affect helping to deal with the economy, create new jobs and drive a low-carbon transition.

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