The ownership revolution that Britain needs

IMG_8866I’m standing on the beach at Hvide Sande, in the northern reaches of Denmark, on a cold October morning. Strong gusts of wind pick up sand and throw it straight at my face. It’s not a good day for a picnic. But it’s a great day for the three wind turbines on the edge of this fishing village. And for their owners, the local community, who are using the income to fund a new harbour for their fishing fleet. I ask the chairman of the project whether they had had any opposition to the development. Yes, he says, one person complained. Just the one. [Read more →]

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New best policy: Denmark puts the brakes on heating costs

This really should have been front page news in media across the world – or, at the very least, in Europe. Bloggers including Cornelia Daniel on ecoquent-positions  and Andreas Kühl on already reported this important piece of news on the energy transition in Europe. Mainstream media, it would appear, didn’t get the memo yet.

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As of the 1st of January 2013, the installation of oil-fired boilers and natural gas heating is banned in new buildings in Denmark. Starting 2016, the Danes will also ban the installation of new oil-fired boilers in existing buildings in areas where district heating or natural gas is available. This conversion of heating systems is supported by the Danish government with 42 million DKK (5.6 million Euro) from 2012 to 2015.

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The fossil-free future requires fundamental choices

One of the most pressing challenges humanity faces today is the conversion of our energy production and supply industry towards a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient system. The world’s leading scientists have issued a mandate that this transition is the prerequisite for achieving the internationally agreed two-degree target. If human beings are to preserve modernity and planetary habitability, we must soon shift to 100% renewable energy in all sectors.  We cannot expect this to happen on its own as an automatic continuation of current trends but rather make a conscious switch to the only path that allows for a future viable for human life. [Read more →]

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