Renewable energy: untapped fuel for Mediterranean economies

RE-solutions-for-MediterraneanDespite the fact that in the sunniest region of Europe there is a vast potential of energy from the sun (and wind), renewable energy is a resource that is being ignored. In a time when Southern European countries are struggling with debt and stagnating economies, clean renewable energy solutions can be a smart way to go. Expert studies commissioned by Greenpeace Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain show how the Southern European governments can boost their economies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate their energy transition by enabling massive small-scale investments into renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions. [Read more →]

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The Energy Union – A chance for 100% RE?


Can the Energy Union offer a chance for 100% Renewable Energy (RE) in Europe? The ‘Energy Union with a forward looking climate policy’ has the goal to supply EU consumers with secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy. However, it is uncertain what the Energy Union means in practice and there still remains a huge gap between official claims and reality. So how should the Energy Union be designed in order to promote 100% renewable energy and energy efficiency? [Read more →]

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Where is Europe on its way to 100% Renewable Energy?


How do you know that the world is changing? The following facts might give you an indication: Renewable energy broke another record last year, accounting for over 60% of net addition to the world’s power capacity, providing more than 19% of the global final energy consumption (REN21 Renewables 2015 Global Status Report). Since 2000, renewable energy capacity has grown 120% (IRENA) and the number of countries with renewable energy targets and policies increased again in 2014: At least 164 countries have renewable energy targets, and an estimated 145 countries have renewable energy support policies in place. World leaders, including the G7 and Pope Francis call for a phase out of fossil fuels and the divestment movement is growing almost on a daily basis. While this is already great news, you see even stronger evidences of change when looking at the local level: Hundreds of local governments across the world have 100% renewable energy or electricity targets in place, with many municipalities already achieving such targets. The leaders of this local movement are mainly European cities and municipalities.

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