Outcome of World Renewable Energy Forum in Denver

I was invited to speak in Denver, Colorado last week on the topic of “FIT for Future – How a Feed in Tariff (FIT) and SDRs Can Boost the Renewable Energy Sector” at the World Renewable Energy Forum 2012. The annual conference, convened by the World Renewable Energy Council, American Solar Energy Society, and National Renewable Energy Laboratory drew special focus on the renewable energy (RE) development in the US and provided insights into the dynamics of US policy and the renewable energy environment there. [Read more →]

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Access to renewable energy: Powering developing countries out of poverty?

Energy has been proven to be a critical enabler in all aspects of development. One out of five people in the world do not have access to energy and those people happen to live in the poorest regions of the globe. If we must attain the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), it is essential to acknowledge the correlation between lack of access to energy and poverty: energy can affect social, economic, environmental, health, educational, gender and many other aspects of human life. Therefore it is necessary to enable the access and enhance the quantity and quality of renewable energy services available in developing countries. [Read more →]

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