Who is actually against the “Energiewende” – and, more importantly, why?

The current situation: The world is fossil!

Image: (c) energiefacetten / Jan Volkert Ulrich

Image: (c) energiefacetten / Jan Volkert Ulrich

In the rather emotional debate about the “Energiewende” (energy transition) and the “EEG” (renewable energy law) in Germany, many tend to forget the current energy situation in Germany, Austria and the world in general. All of these energy systems are still very much dominated by fossil fuels. Even though the percentage is ‘only’ 70% in Austria, in Germany — with a renewables share of 12.2% – non-renewable energy still make up a whopping 87.8%  share of final energy consumption.

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How can I reduce the emissions that my flight produces?

Source: http://www.wissen.allianz.at/?1295/co2-emissionen-reduzieren

Source: Wissen Allianz

Many of us fly for every little business trip these days. Since it is a holiday period for many people at the moment vacationers flying to their holiday destinations can be added to this group.

I admit that going by plane is probably the most convenient way to reach a place that is further away since you just get to the airport, jump on the plane, relax for a few hours, enjoy the view, and when you leave the plane you are hopefully where you intended to be. In addition, aviation is a passive activity – you are flown above the earth by a pilot, whereas travelling by car means you are an active driver. Of course there are other possibilities for travelling where someone else is driving you, like taking the train or bus, but when you want to go overseas that could become a problem. [Read more →]

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Let’s not add (fossil) fuel to the fire II: Subsidy phase out

Subsidies to fossil fuels are 6x more than renewables / endfossilfuelsubsidies.org

It’s not every day I find myself on the same side of the fence as market liberals. After all, markets work well only until they fail. (And when it comes to the climate they have failed miserably.) But there is one thing we see eye-to-eye on: the damage done by fossil fuel subsidies.

This concurrence was recently highlighted by a US Republican House staffer who argued that fiscal conservatives are, by definition, natural supporters of phasing out fossil fuel subsidies. [Read more →]

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