Let’s not add (fossil) fuel to the fire I: Divestment

Some very good news last week: Dutch bank Rabobank and Norwegian financial services group Storebrand are the latest companies to withdraw their investments in fossil fuels.

Tufts Community Union / Credit: gofossilfree.org

Tufts Community Union / gofossilfree.org

Storebrand will pull its investments away from 13 coal and six oil sands enterprises, while Rabobank will ban loans to “unconventional” energy projects, namely the extraction of shale gas and oil sands. It will also stop lending money to farmers who lease their land to shale gas extraction companies.

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Can President Obama really claim a leadership role in the energy transition?

U.S. President Barack Obama

Alex Wong/Getty Images

With his climate change speech on Tuesday, President Obama wrote history. He wrote history because he highlighted what most people on this planet already knew: climate change is real! He referred to science, put the attention on those who are already experiencing climate change and pointed out that societies are already paying the price of inaction. President Obama wrote history because he emphasized the responsibility of the United States and other countries to act. He wrote history because he reminded Americans and the world that the US should be the leading nation that shapes the future. [Read more →]

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Time to put renewable energy initiatives centre stage in the Netherlands

renewable energy centre stageAfter living and working in Germany for one year and being back in the Netherlands, I am – once again – shocked at the little attention paid to the energy transition discussion in Dutch national politics and media . Especially so given that great progress was made last year: energy generated by local solar initiatives grew by 250%  and is projected to double again in 2013. Doesn’t this positive development deserve some coverage in days of enduring crisis?

This would have been a great story for the Dutch government’s ambition of ‘100% sustainable energy supply in 2050’. Strangely, that has not been the way politicians or the media have framed the current situation. [Read more →]

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