Taking the lead in the energy transformation

Cities, communities and regions across the world commit to 100% Renewable Energy

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What do Šentrupert in Slovenia, Steinfurt district in Germany, the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan and East Hampton in the US have in common? There’s a chance to find out in Kassel, Germany today! The world`s biggest congress for 100% Renewable Energy Regions presents different strategies on how to achieve 100% Renewable Energy. Many cities, regions and communities demonstrate that supplying 100% of our total energy needs with renewable sources is technically and financially achievable, and can bring a wide range of benefits to citizens, businesses, local economies, governments and the environment alike. [Read more →]

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A phoenix from the ashes: Fukushima sets sail for a nuclear-free and 100% renewable future

Geiger meter in Minamisona

Solar powered Geiger meter in Minamisona, Japan

On the eve of the third anniversary of Japan’s triple disaster of March 2011 – the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear meltdown – people in Fukushima are setting sail towards a nuclear-free future. At the beginning of February, one of Japan’s most important renewable energy events, the 3rd Community Power Conference took place in Fukushima, some 60 km away from the Daiichi nuclear power plant. Fukushima Prefecture and its 2 million inhabitants has committed to a 100% renewable energy target and is just in the process of formulating the implementation roadmap towards this goal. Personally speaking, visiting Fukushima was one of most impressive experiences I have had in recent years. [Read more →]

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Fukushima to use 100% renewable energy by 2040

Fukushima II

A tsunami caused Japan to shut down its nuclear reactors in 2011 (Source: Flickr/JuhaOnTheRoad)

The Japanese province of Fukushima has pledged to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2040, turning its 2011 nuclear disaster into an opportunity to tackle climate change.

By Sophie Yeo, RTCC

The mayor of the region, which has a population of about two million people, hopes that community energy schemes will wean the region off fossil fuels completely in just over 25 years’ time. Energy will be generated locally through community energy initiatives and will provide a clean and self-sustaining source of heat and electricity throughout the area. [Read more →]

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