Curitiba: A people-centred approach to urban transit


Many non-Brazilians may not have heard of the South American city, but within the country Curitiba is well-known. With more than 4 million inhabitants (1.7 million in the city, 1.5 million in the metropolitan area) Curitiba is the eighth biggest city in Brazil and was named the “World’s Most Innovative City“ in 1996. What of this legacy remains today, 17 years later?

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How can I reduce the emissions that my flight produces?


Source: Wissen Allianz

Many of us fly for every little business trip these days. Since it is a holiday period for many people at the moment vacationers flying to their holiday destinations can be added to this group.

I admit that going by plane is probably the most convenient way to reach a place that is further away since you just get to the airport, jump on the plane, relax for a few hours, enjoy the view, and when you leave the plane you are hopefully where you intended to be. In addition, aviation is a passive activity – you are flown above the earth by a pilot, whereas travelling by car means you are an active driver. Of course there are other possibilities for travelling where someone else is driving you, like taking the train or bus, but when you want to go overseas that could become a problem. [Read more →]

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Let the fossils rest in peace

DSC_1106“Renewables are good but they will never be able to provide 100% of the world`s energy supply.” This has been the discourse for the past years. Even a decade ago, cities, regions, and businesses aiming for 20% renewable energy were on the cutting edge. Anyone even suggesting a target of 100% renewable energy was a radical. Fast forward to today 100% renewable energy goals are becoming the new normal. And if one thinks that this transformation of the energy sector is only taking place in Europe, one will be surprised to see the developments in the US. [Read more →]

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